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Forbes House

Forbes House

Forbes house provides a
comprehensive shelter program
for victims of domestic violence 
(DV) based on 16 best practices 
identified in the Ohio Domestic 
Violence Network’s (ODVN) 
Trauma-Informed Care, Best Practices and protocols For Ohio’s Domestic Violence
Programs (Sonia D. Ferencik & Rachel Ramirez-Hammond, 2011), a model designed
by Ohio mental health and DV professionals. The model explains how trauma affects
the emotions and behaviors of survivors, and how understanding trauma will
improve communication between staff and survivors. Victims can suffer physiological
 “fight, flight, or freeze” symptoms associated with chronic exposure to violence for
 years, triggered by touch, tone of voice or experience. Adherence to this model helps
 prevent inadvertent re-victimization of survivors and helps foster growth, healing,
 and success for the survivor.

Services and Programs

Our services and programs include the following: 

· 30 day, 7-bedroom residential shelter staffed 24/7. 

· 24/7 Helpline for crisis intervention, support, immediate intake to shelter, and information and referrals. 

· Advocacy to assist women with their interactions with local bureaucracies and agencies, assist women in establishing goals, and accompany victims through the legal/judicial system. Support groups for residents and community members facilitated by trained advocates offer women the opportunity for emotional and psychological support from peers. 

· Aftercare Program available for continued support to women after departure from shelter, offering needed information, referrals, and 24/7 access to an empathetic listener on the help-line. 

· A Children’s Domestic Violence Specialist meets with the families to address parenting skills, and meets individually or in groups with the children to provide education about domestic violence and support. The children of Community Support Group members may attend a DV recovery group for children while the adult group is taking place. 

· DV Community Education to thousands of middle and high school students is provided to Lake County Students