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With the continuation of the Great Recession, more and more middle class families in Lake County have found themselves needing a helping hand for the very first time.  The Coalition's member agencies are working in the front lines to address the many issues created by the increased demands for help.  For example:
  • Foreclosure prevention help is available via the State of Ohio's agency, Save the Dream.  This group provides housing counseling for homeowners and helps renters whose landlords are facing foreclosure on their rental units. 
  • Although Eviction Prevention funds in Lake County will be depleted by June 1, 2011, member agency, Lifeline, reports that they continue to have funds available to help low income individuals and families with security deposits and first month's rent.
  • The Fair Housing Resource Center helps Lake County citizens address instances of housing discrimination.  If you think that you have been discriminated against because of your race, creed, color, etc., click here to see how the FHRC might be able to help.