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Member Organizations

Over 20 local businesses, non-profit and social service organizations have joined the Coalition in its work to identify, understand and resolve housing issues facing Lake County residents.  Given the depth and breadth of our members' expertise, the Coalition is able to pull together the right people to troubleshoot any housing matter.  Together we work to bring more decent, affordable housing to Lake County and to help promote self-determination and stable neighborhoods for low and moderate income citizens.
The Coalition's Executive Committee is as follows:
Marian Norman, Program Manager, Lake County Office of Planning & Community Development 

Vice Chair 
Carrie Dotson, Executive Director, Lifeline, Inc.

Donnald Heckelmoser, Executive Director, Western Reserve Community Development

Wanda Simmons,  Executive Director, Forbes House

If you believe your organization can help with these efforts, click here to get an application for membership.